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Money tree, botanically known as a Pachira Aquatica, or Malabar chestnut, belongs to the Bombacaceae family. It originated in Central America and is commercially propagated in Taiwan. This plant has shining glossy leaves that make it one of a kind. Money tree is the new fashion plant in Japan and Europe, which replaces the Masangeana.

Money tree is an interior decorator's dream plant. It has a unique appearance and is low maintenance. It lives in low light conditions and can tolerate dryness.

Money tree is a grower's dream plant - Quick crop - It is ready for the market in 4- 8 weeks after potting and carries no diseases.

We are a wholesale grower and distributor based in Los Angeles. For Growers, we deliver bare-root plants sized for 6" - 12" pots, and bonsai. For interior decorators and retailers, we ship finished plants.

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